How to Store Bicycles in Small Space and Perfect Conditions

How to Store Bicycles in Small Space and Perfect Conditions

How to Store Bicycles in Small Space and Perfect Conditions

Riding a bicycle is an advantage! It gives us a feeling of freedom and is also good for our health. It is also a sport that strengthens family ties, as it can be practiced as a family. What else can we ask for? We can ask for a place to store the bikes!

1. Do you have space problems to store your bike?
One of the biggest problems for cycling enthusiasts, especially if they live in a small apartment, is where they store their bikes.

Each floor is smaller and has less space, so not everyone has a suitable place to properly store their objects.

2. How to store a bicycle using less space
When we store our bicycles at home, what we want is to keep them in perfect condition, safe and not subject to bad conditions such as being dropped and damaged.

If we choose to hang a bicycle on the wall of the apartment we have to be very careful with the paint, because it must be protected so as not to stain the bicycle wheels. To do this, we will paint it dark, because we must not forget that the bicycle is dirty, has oil, chains and can drip mud.

Another possible option is to remove the front wheel and loosen the handlebars to bend them, this way it takes up less space.

On the market there are different types of supports that we will use depending on the space we have and the space we have allocated for it.

Ceiling bracket and hanger
They are very practical if you have high ceilings to keep the floor clean.

There are double racks that allow you to store two bikes at a height, making good use of the space.

* You can find support for your bike like this from Amazon at the following link.

They can be of two types:

For hanging the bicycle on the front or rear wheels
To hang by picture
Wall hooks have the advantage that you can hang up to 2 bicycles and take up more space.

* You can find hooks for 1 bike like this one from xxx at the following link.

* You can find 2 bike hooks like this one from xxxx at the following link.

Standing legs
This type of support is very comfortable and does not require any type of mounting as in the case of wall hooks. They are mounted on the rear wheel and take up very little space.

* You can find a foot brace like this one from Decathlon at the following link.

Vertical support
Ideal for small apartments or also for balconies or in the hallway. Suitable for almost any type of bicycle even though it has a fender.

* You can find vertical support like this one from Amazon at the following link.

Outdoor wardrobe or chest
If you have a large balcony or terrace this can be a good solution as there are different sizes so you can store more than one bike and also other types of materials such as: helmet, your MTB shoes, the equipment … Here they will be protected from direct sun and rain.

* You can see an example of a wardrobe like this one from Sim Lockers at the following link.

They are cheaper than crates and would be ideal if you have a little space.

You’ll find them in different colors, and with different closure systems. They protect well from dust and pollution that can damage your bicycle components.

* You can find examples of cases at the following link.

3. How to store your bike on the patio and outdoors
If we are going to store bicycles on the terrace or balcony, it is very important to keep them away from external factors such as humidity, sunlight and temperature changes. All of these external agents can damage elements of the bicycle such as the color, frame and tires.

The ideal storage accessory for this case is a chest or shed (if we have the space) or an ideal enclosure for small balconies and small budgets that can be combined with vertical supports.

4. Save your bike in Selfstorage. A customized, safe and accessible place 24 hours a day
One solution to the space problem is to store the bicycle in a convenience store, where by renting storage space other than to store the bike, you will have extra space to store all the equipment and equipment needed to practice this sport. This way you will have everything when you decide to take a walk.

In Vigo, you’ll find this solution at bikestorageideas where all storage rooms have access control and individual alarms, insurance, 24 hour access, and home service. So the next time you need a bicycle to get close, you can also ask for it and you don’t have to move.

All spaces are flexible, versatile and in a variety of sizes. And if you’re worried about storing your dirty bike after a walk or because you’re going to keep it for a long time, don’t worry because in bikestorageideas you have a place to wash it and treat your friends before storing it.

How to Store Bicycles in Small Space and Perfect Conditions

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